Today's enterprises face an increasing array of ever-tighter government-mandated corporate governance and financial reporting standards as well as a host of worker safety and environmental regulations. To meet these exacting requirements and mitigate the costs of compliance, businesses need robust control and reporting processes along with the right technology tools.

The 4Site integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) suite gives business in mining, power generation and process manufacturing functionality that not only ensures asset performance, but also compliance with the many complex yet important compliance mandates. Tight integration means that role-based security features, business processes and data integrity are maintained throughout the asset maintenance function.

Financial reporting and Governance

4Site provides specific capabilities to help organizations ensure compliance with governance and reporting mandates like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States and Canada's bill C198, as well as upcoming requirements to meet the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Integration of 4Site business information and governance processes with corporate reporting ensures a reliable, automated compliance environment throughout the organization.

Worker and Environmental Safety

The 4Site integrated computer managed maintenance system (CMMS) suite helps maintenance managers address critical worker safety and environmental mitigation mandates throughout the maintenance process. With 4Site, companies can leverage preventive/predictive maintenance (PM) programs to ensure worker safety and environmental compliance. By ensuring robust and timely PM, 4Site helps organizations avoid accidental breakdowns that put workers or the environment at risk.

And, 4Site makes detailed information on any purchased part readily accessible, which is extremely important when hazardous materials are involved. Plant managers know exactly what is being handled, and exactly how to handle it to ensure employee and community safety.

Technology is key to maintaining control and reporting processes and mitigating the costs of achieving and maintaining compliance.


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