Process Industries

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4Site® Solutions for Process Industries

The pace of change has companies in the process industries rethinking, reorganizing and reengineering their businesses to outperform their competitors, meet investor demands and sustain profitability. In industries long known for their capital-intensive nature and long-term performance horizons, business strategies must support the long-term viability of the enterprise while also delivering short-term results.

In process industries, plant and equipment costs can make or break returns. Enterprise asset management (EAM) technology is a key component of successful, profitable maintenance programs. The right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can not only help extend asset life and help prevent costly unexpected breakdowns, but also guide a company to improved business practices that deliver tangible return on investment (ROI) and create competitive advantage.

That's why process manufacturers turn to 4Site®: the 4Site® integrated EAM suite delivers capabilities that help companies in process industries like pulp and paper maintain plant and equipment at top performance, keep costs in line and manage exacting regulatory requirements.

Generate Maximum Asset Performance

The 4Site® computer managed maintenance system (CMMS) helps maintenance managers keep plant and equipment performing reliably, while making the most of scheduled shutdowns:

Improve Productivity and Control Costs

Integrated maintenance, purchasing and inventory management functions help ensure cost control; integration with 4Site®'s accounting and financials means that financial data is always current and accurate:

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory mandates requires comprehensive data and diligent project oversight for audit and information enquiries. 4Site® provides robust financial and accounting capabilities that ensure accurate corporate reporting and regulatory compliance.

With advanced capabilities to support PM and RCM, as well as safety measures embedded in the MRO purchasing and inventory modules, 4Site® also helps ensure compliance with worker safety and environmental sustainability mandates. A safe, progressive workplace supports maximum productivity and boosts retention. The same principles apply to ensuring environmental safety for the broader community.

4Site® keeps process manufacturing enterprises compliant:

The 4Site® integrated EAM suite helps companies in process industries maintain plant and equipment at top performance, keep costs in line and manage exacting regulatory requirements.


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