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A full suite of integrated asset maintenance and financial management tools for all stages of the mining lifecycle

4Site® Solutions for Mining & Metals

Mining has always been a competitive, high-stakes industry. Today, the industry faces highly volatile markets, exacting financial regulations and growing exposure to high-profile environmental, social and safety factors.

The evolutionary nature of a mining venture - through mineral exploration, mine development, operation and closure - poses unique challenges. Mining companies are responding to these challenges through innovative asset management strategies and technological improvements.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Costs

While mineral exploration and mine operation have distinct maintenance and enterprise management requirements, maximizing asset performance through strategic asset management is recognized as a route to maintaining costs and improving margins.

The 4Site® enterprise asset maintenance (EAM) solution gives mining and metals enterprises a full suite of integrated asset maintenance and financial management tools for all stages of the mining lifecycle, from exploration project management to robust maintenance management for a mature facility:

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory mandates requires comprehensive data and diligent project oversight for audit and information enquiries. 4Site® provides robust financial and accounting capabilities that ensure accurate corporate reporting and regulatory compliance.

With advanced capabilities to support PM and RCM, as well as safety measures embedded in the MRO purchasing and inventory modules, 4Site® also helps ensure compliance with worker safety and environmental sustainability mandates. A safe, progressive workplace supports maximum productivity and boosts retention. The same principles apply to ensuring environmental safety for the broader community.

4Site® Keeps Mining and Metals Enterprises Compliant:

"Growing mining companies face a number of challenges, including running operations without the luxury of a team of IT support staff. The ease of installation, setup and management of 4Site® means that even a non- IT person like myself can administer the system. The 4Site® support team has been first rate."

Rick Stewart

Mine Controller

Lake Shore Gold


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