Company Overview

4Site® EAM Suite: the information and analysis tools that turn your data into the knowledge you need to keep your business profitable.

A complete and fully integrated working environment.

Seamless integration synchronizes materials, asset, financial and system functions to provide your organization with end-to-end information processing. From the field and shop floor, across the Web and your network, 4Site® brings together the information that influences your business. You'll always know where you're at and be well-positioned to make effective business decisions that take advantage of changes and opportunities in the marketplace. The strengths of 4Site® integration and strategic, collaborative partnerships flow straight to your bottom line, whatever the size and focus of your enterprise.

4Site® has contributed cost reductions and efficiencies to diverse sectors, including:

Our product suite includes components in:

Accounting & Financials

Purchasing & Procurement

Inventory Control

Asset Management

System Management


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